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South China Morning Post -> End-to-end solutions provider possehl erzkontor seeks long-term global partnerships

Sourcing high-quality raw materials that arrive promptly and in excellent condition is critical for producers in any industry. Securing the adequate materials can be made simple and reliable through an expert institution that offers end-to-end solutions. Possehl Erzkontor serves numerous industries worldwide, procuring minerals,ores, metals, chemicals and plastics - forging ahead as a leading global trading company.

Further enhancing its financial background through its acquisition by CREMER in 2012, Possehl Erzkontor continues to uphold its 104-year-old trading legacy that began in Lübeck, Germany. The company has soaredto new heights of success through its timetestedloyalty to partnerships and customercentricapproach in dealing with clients, andits commitment to forming long-termpartnerships.

"Possehl Erzkontor's financial strength,global networks, tremendouslyknowledgeable and experienced personnel,and long-term relationships with highqualitysuppliers and global customers -these are what make the companysuccessful," says Anthony Cremer, CEO.

Possehl Erzkontor is notablyexperienced in supplying raw materials forthe metallurgical, refractory and chemicalindustries. It is also keen on developing newtechnologies and industries to heighten theefficiency and superiority of its products andservices. The company provides holistic solutions that include financial support, quality checks, global networks, marketing and logistics to sourcing partners and customers, no matter what company size.

"We are in constant contact with ourpartners," says Armin Zander, seniormanager. "Wherever we are sourcing, weare involved in supporting, supervising andreporting in order to ensure premier quality.We take responsibility for everything. Ourcustomers get the full package and fullcontrol."

Highly equipped to source and marketraw materials, Possehl Erzkontor is excited todiscover and grow alongside new andexisting partners. With a subsidiary locatedin Hong Kong and offices in Beijing andDalian, Possehl Erzkontor invites long-termpartnerships and collaborations. Thecompany aims to diversify its portfolio andexpand its applications.


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