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Quality assurance at the highest level

Quality is a key performance criterion for the Erzkontor Group's international trade in minerals, ores, chemicals and plastics. Our products and services are intended to satisfy our customers and business partners at all times. In every respect. At the same time we want to assume our social responsibilities by treating the environment and natural resources with care. Sophisticated management systems and demanding teams of employees ensure that performance levels are consistently high.

  • Our quality management system has been regularly recertified in line with EN ISO 9001 since1997.
  • Systematic quality and process checks at decisive points in the chain ensure that every customer always receives the agreed product quality.
  • The type and scope of product inspections are defined in advance to meet customers' requirements.
  • Samples are taken by our staff and/or external experts and are analysed by independent laboratories.

Our quality management is based on continuity, attention to detail and broad professional knowledge that comes from decades of experience. Any problems are sorted out before the order is executed. Furthermore, our advance samples and trial deliveries enable all our customers to verify for themselves that we meet the highest standards.

Continuous improvement process

First-class quality and a high level of customer satisfaction do not happen by chance. Both are the result of effective organisational structures and a striving for perfection. This includes challenging the effectiveness of the present quality management system and making continuous improvements, adapting it swiftly to new demands and ensuring that we continue to meet the defined quality targets.

Our quality assurance activities are varied and all-encompassing. They range from regular supplier audits (production processes, storage, packaging) to loading and unloading checks at ports and warehouses – including taking samples by our own staff – through to product analysis in external laboratories.

And for all their professionalism, our systematic processes offer enough flexibility to meet individual customer specifications and special industry or market standards. To ensure our customers' success is sustainable.



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