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Through our global network and holistic know-how, we are your preferred partner in trade, logistics and marketing.

Commerce means change: we actively promote both

Inspired by the successes of its over 100-year heritage, the team of the Erzkontor Group looks to the future with confidence. We are proud of what we have achieved and determined to keep writing this success story.

Erzkontor is a reliable player in a complex international web of trade, industry and commodities markets. We are motivated by our shared responsibility for ensuring efficient supply chains and secure production conditions.

The uncertainties of everyday international business are challenges that we overcome with personal commitment and concerted action. And we do so successfully every day, across all international borders. This is also because all the staff at the Erzkontor Group have a strong service mentality. Because we do everything to meet your needs.

We want to actively shape the future and achieve success together. This not only requires dedication and the flexibility to find creative, individual solutions, but also an eye for the permanent changes affecting the global economic environment. So we are already working today on innovative service concepts and new directions for tomorrow, so that our customers and suppliers can continue to rely on us unconditionally in the future.

Jan Weber
Chief Executive Officer
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